We help nonprofit organizations connect with and forge relationships with new donors and potential partners. The life blood of any mission is money. Growing your donor and support base continually is not an option.



Strategic Partnerships Advisory & Consulting

Nonprofit organizations neglect to focus continued effort on building an ecosystem of strategic partnerships around their organization and initiatives, which is imperative to be sustainable. However, specific skills sets are required in addition to resources and capacity. We can do the time-consuming groundwork critical for developing your strategies and pipelines. Contact us today to discuss your goals or concerns.


Fundraising Advisory & Consulting

Fortified Strategies can help you grow your funding portfolio without wasting precious time and resources on funding opportunities that result in a negative return on investment.

Our Process:

  1. help determine what donor or partnership persona/type you are in most in need of
  2. identify those potential donors/partners
  3. assist in crafting the initial “ask” or “purpose” of an introductory meeting
  4. schedule an introductory meeting on your behalf
  5. facilitate meeting(s)
  6. assist in any cultivation efforts
  7. guide relationship cycle to donor acquisition

Contact Us Today! We are happy to have a conversation to see if we can help you. 


Prospect Generation

Fortified Strategies can take the pressure off by generating new prospective funders aligned to your cause. It takes time most nonprofits don’t have to develop a pipeline of prospects that will convert into donors. We generate high value, high probability prospects, not high volume, low-conversion probability lists of names. Contact us today for a preliminary discovery discussion.


Donor Prospect Qualification/Meeting Setting

Stop living with the frustration of not getting meetings and responses from potential donors. We create donor relationships for our customers, where none previously existed. Let’s talk through your current initiatives and challenges.

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