Your organization can change the world.

We want to help.

About Fortified Strategies

With over 20 years of experience, we empower nonprofits to confidently overcome complex challenges to make their goals a reality.

Too many nonprofits fall further behind by hiring high-priced, but low-return consulting firms that have name cache but not the results to back it up.

At Fortified Strategies, we help organizations create, refine, and effectively communicate a vision that inspires and compels people to act. Then we help ensure your continued impact on communities, society, and the world.”

If you've already wasted time and money, you've come to the right place. We believe in your people and the work you’re doing and have a proven strategy to help you grow.

Here’s how we work for you.

We work to accelerate growth
We work to gain access to new markets
We work to solve complex problems
We work to fill gaps in staffing capacity

Meet your guides

Michael Thompson, CEO at Fortified Strategies.

Michael A. Thompson

CEO at Fortified Strategies

Michael has 20 years of experience growing organizations like yours, including the startup of two behavioral healthcare departments, as well as the launch of businesses, and national nonprofits.

For over 7 years, Michael played an integral role in the expansion of the Barbara Bush Foundation from a donor-advised charity to a public charity.

As the Director of Strategic Initiatives, Michael was responsible for expanding and growing programs, building strategic partnerships, and increasing donor acquisition to drive revenue and brand awareness nationally.

Erin Cardona, Chief Creative Officer at Fortified Strategies.

Erin Cardona

Chief Creative Officer

Erin is all about growth. Ideal child > art historian > avid marketer > award-winning Creative Director (Design & Copy).

D.C. > Miami >NYC > Florence > Madrid > San Francisco > Puerto Rico > Denver

From small brands to large ones, Erin is eager to draw from her varied experience to not just visually dress & advertise your brand, but to apply her 20 years experience in marketing, creative strategy, and creative execution to help it succeed.

Dr. Tamara Gibson-Alonso, Chief Development Officer at Fortified Strategies.

Dr. Tamara Gibson-Alonso

Chief Development Officer

As a doctor of education with a master’s in public health, Tamara has served as an educator and leader for over two decades in Florida to develop and support quality education and services in PK-20 schools and communities. Her research and practice interests includes health education and promotion, leadership development, grant and partnership development, Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA), and program evaluation.

Placing wholistic health and wellness at the core of her work, Tamara strategically aligns her passion for program and project development to strategically guide and support transformation in schools and communities.

Tamara’s life philosophy is based upon three affirmations: educate • develop • inspire

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